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GRT GROUP was established in 1971 as an R&D group focusing on industrial development of innovative processes developed in research laboratories in the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and other Swiss universities.

During this period, GRT GROUP has participated to the development of several industrial technologies mainly in the environment and renewable energies sectors which were brought to market by other companies.


Creation of Granit Technologies SA (at present Granit Technologies and Engineering (GRT) SA) as technology holder and engineering company. Granit Technologies holds the IP rights for all applications of the wet oxidation technology Clean WOx® and the exclusive licence rights for the torrefaction technology Torplant.


In 2004, GRT GROUP reinforced its engineering capabilities to offer directly to the market innovative industrial solutions in the field of pollution and waste management. It designed, engineered and realized industrial installations of its proprietary technologies for the private and public sectors.


New anchor partner for Granit Technologies but GRT GROUP still holding 47% of the shares.


In 2014, GRT GROUP strengthened its financial position with new shareholders who contributed to finance directly industrial operations and therefore offer to the private and public companies contracts for the processing of hazardous and non-recyclable waste materials.


Today GRT GROUP is an industrial operating group able to design, build, operate and own plants for processing hazardous waste and non-recyclable materials with innovative proprietary technologies.


The optimal management of limited natural resources and the preservation of the environment for the future generations are recognized as the biggest challenges for humanity in this 21st century. It will necessitate very important investments worldwide and fuel a new industrial revolution.

We want to offer our innovative solutions for the elimination of hazardous waste and for the recycling of specific resources to the largest possible markets and therefore contribute to implement the circular economy strategy.

We want to collect additional funds to accelerate the implementation of these solutions and become a significant player in this new economy.


As a 21rst century circular economy industry, we will focus on the valorisation of all resources used to realize our operations. Whereas our processes contribute to the valorisation of natural resources, we will also valorise our employees, our partners and the public entities which will host our operations while securing expected financial return to our shareholders.

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Management team



Alain holds a MS/PhD degree in Engineering (Physics) at the Swiss Polytechnic School, Lausanne Switzerland completed with a Business Management training at Harvard Business School, Boston.

Active first in process and product development activities, he then held international senior management positions in large international companies (Nestlé Switzerland and US, Tupperware Europe) and in medium size industrial companies where he acted as General Manager.

Alain joined GRT GROUP in 2005 where he was first active in the industrial development of various technologies before becoming CEO and president of the board in 2010. Today, Alain remains activ as Chairman of the Group.

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He holds a BS and MS degrees in Engineering at University of Rome and a Postgraduate degree in International Politics at ULB Centre des Etudes Internationales Strategic in Brussels; he also studied advanced management at M.I.T. Sloan School in Boston.

He has been board member of listed companies in Europe as Terna S.p.A. (FTSE MIB Milan) and Electro Power Systems (Euronext Paris).

As previous professional experience he was : Managing Director E.ON Italia S.p.A. and E.ON Energia S.p.a., Managing Director at Enel Energia S.p.A., Board member AMGA S.p.A., Head of Area Marketing ENEL S.p.A., Business Development director ENRON Capital & Trade, Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, assistant of managing director and business developer of Techint S.p.A. (Tenaris Group) and CTIP S.p.A., project manager Procter & Gamble European Headquarters. He was head of the Far East desk of Istituto Affari Internazionali. Today is also ct. professor at MBA LUISS University in Rome and member of Aspen Friends Advisory Board.

Luca joined GRT GROUP in 2016 as Board Member and has been nominated CEO starting from the 1st of January 2017.

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Over the years, GRT GROUP has built a multifaceted network, with a common aim: sustainability.

Collaboration with research centers and universities

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